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"Learn to shoot with a machine gun, shotgun and Kalashnikov," read one note, later seized by investigators.

His lyrical reputation was cemented when a Naples singer, Tony Marciano, who was reportedly linked to the Gionta clan, used some of Mr Gionta's messages in his lyrics.

After getting the Wig, it's time to get a Cologne of some sorts. Head over to the Materia Shop, which is north from the Save Point.

Head to the bar and talk to the woman in the toilet. Head over to the restaurant (left of the Save Point) and order a menu. Help him out, and head to the Inn, near the south entrance. The &$#% Room (Upper Left) will give you Lingerie, and the Group Room (Lower Left) will give you Bikini Briefs.

Oo*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*Oo*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=o O=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*o O Oo*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*o O Wall Market's a big place and you can easily get lost. Sounds like someone called Don Corneo knows where Tifa is. It sells several new items, although it's not really necessary to get them. Now you can basically go to the dress shop and change clothes.

This video shows you the basics of how to get around sneaking into the Don's Mansion. An Echo Screen and Eye drop or two will probably do. Depending on what you choose, you will receive a different dress. Tap the next button when Cloud is done with moving, otherwise he'll scratch his head wasting precious time. However, if you want Cloud (or Aeris) to be picked, there's a bunch more Key Items to be gotten. (Perfect Game Note 2:)Of course you can never get all the Key Items.

While on the run, Mr Gionta reportedly wore wigs and dressed in women's clothing to avoid capture, prompting one investigator to claim "Camorra mobsters aren't what they used to be," Italian daily La Stampa reported.

Earlier in his career the crime chief earned a reputation as a 'poet' thanks to secret notes he wrote to his son during a stint in jail in 2008 – even if the content of his missives was hardly the stuff of classic verse.

He recorded the song 'Nun ciamm arrennere', or 'We Must Not Surrender', in which he criticises mafia turncoats who betray their fellow mobsters to the police and who "have lost their omerta", or code of silence.